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Stat of the Day

In the 1960s Sweden and the UK had similar levels of income inequality. By 2005 the gap between the two had increased by 28%.

Source: The Equality Trust, July 2011


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Murdoch Quote of the Day

“Shut up you homophobic cow”

Actor Ross Kemp to his then wife Rebekah Brooks, responding to her verbal abuse of gay MP Chris Bryant

(What very strange heroes this affair is creating!)

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Absolutely no gloating. None at all.

The Murdochs are on the run – down to their last few squillion. The toxic redhead has fallen on her sword (how long before she gets some cushy little sinecure?) And Fox News continues to spill its neocon bile . So, while it’s been a good few days, I’m not quite in gloat mode. Not here anyways…I’ve been doing it on facebook instead!

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Murdoch Quote of the Day

 “Not the misconduct of a few rogues or a few freelancers, but, I have to say, law-breaking on an industrial scale, dependent at its worst on its links with the British criminal underworld”

Gordon Brown, Former British PM

(I don’t often agree with Gordon, but in this case…..)

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Nuclear Jellyfish (and Bernard Ingham)

 Those of us who want to see wind power as part of the weaning off fossil fuels get a lot of stick from the pro-nuke lobby (see my exchanges with Sir Bernard Ingham below) because the wind doesn’t blow all the time. One of my fellow Greens amusingly remarked that this is like not growing apple trees because they only produce fruit in Autumn! That said, it’s a genuine drawback to wind turbines and the main reason we want a mixture of renewables.

I was entertained therefore to hear that the Torness nuclear plant recently had to shut down for 2 days because of….jellyfish! Now this isn’t the MAIN argument against the nukes –  that would be the danger of radiation poisoning and Fukushima/Chernobyl-style mishaps. It does scotch the “100% reliable” argument, though. Doesn’t it, Sir Bernard?

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How cold is my valley?

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