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Veggie quote of the week

“It is true, that the reluctance to abstain from animal food….is so great in some persons of weak minds, as to be scarcely overcome; but this is far from bringing an argument in its favour”


Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1812


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Another lesson in Not Getting It

Back in the Yookay, and what should appear but a Tory Transport Minister doing his bit for the car lobby. Again.

 The lovely Philip Hammond, for ‘tis he, has spoken about the ‘reforms’ he plans on the railways – see link bottom right. You’ll note that among his proposals are:

  • Ending taxpayer subsidy (apparently we rail users are rich)
  • Running shorter trains off peak, so that all trains will be as vile as the rush hour ones, presumably. Not a word about adding carriages to the peak time sardine cans, you’ll note.
  • ‘Considering the removal of conductors’ – not that they are called that these days, Mr Hammond.

 This, so they tell us, is “The Greenest Government Ever”. Oh yes it is…..

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Let’s hear it for the Sluts

A mixture of emotions here. First off, anger with the EXTREMELY STUPID Canadian policeman who told a group of students that women had to “stop dressing like sluts” if they wanted to avoid being attacked. (Thinking it is one thing, Mr Mountie, but saying it, as you have now learned, is quite another)

But here’s the good news, involving amusement and even a bit of hope. There’s been a fuss. AND an embryonic Sluts’ chorus is springing up all over the rich world, in the form of Slutwalks. These consist of organised marches by women wearing what they damn well want. (In my case this means dressing for warmth and comfort – see pic on your right!)

Now, I understand why people might have reservations about this approach, but I think it’s intelligent. For women to be safer we need people (and by people I mean a small minority of men) to stop attacking them. Simple.

 It’s not about what the woman wears – it’s about what the man thinks. So let’s put on our fishnets (real or metaphorical) and reclaim the vocabulary…and eventually the streets.

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The Problem with Primaries….

…is that parties don’t really know who they’re selecting. Sarah Wollaston was selected as a Tory candidate using a US-style primary. Fine, in a West Wing-lite kind of way. BUT Sarah’s a GP and has been an articulate outspoken critic of Mr Lansley’s privatisation plans (sorry, ‘reforms’). For some reason Mr Cameron doesn’t go on about primaries quite so much these days…..

 All together now – nah nah nah nah nah

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This Week

So I got back from Berlusconi land on Tues, in time to vote in two losing causes. Ah well.

I was only gone for 5 days, but there seem to have been plenty of interesting developments in that time. POTUS has trumped Trump by producing his birth cert and Bin Laden was given the US version of a fair trial. And someone called the Duchess of Cambridge (who?) got married wearing a dress. Apparently this last is the most interesting item of all……

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How cold is my valley?

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