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You couldn’t make it up

Apologies for irregular posts in recent times – it’s the long commute as does it.

Much entertainment among green activists concerning recent revelations about the police’s infiltration of our movement in its various guises. So much fun, not least from the fact that one of them apparently went native. And lots of joshing of each other about who is really a police agent. Not I, for sure, and I’m fairly confident about the rest of Calderdale Green Party.

I was amused to learn that one of their early ‘covert ops’ was an attempt to infiltrate the dangerous extremists in the, er, campaign to Save Titnore Woods.

How bonkers do you have to be to think that people protesting about plans to build houses in Sussex woodland are a threat to society? Since this blog is probably monitored by the security forces, I hope one of ’em will log on and tell us!


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What is it about Orwell?

I’m currently working long hours with a long commute. The one consolation (apart from the moolah) is that I get lots of reading time on the train.

 Consequently I’ve just whizzed through a little book of Orwell’s essays given by a kindly friend. Regular readers know I’m an Orwell head, and one of my plays has an Orwellian theme. Re-reading his musings from the first half of the 20th century made me muse, in turn, about what keeps him so relevant.

 I’m not talking here about Winston Smith and the Stalinist pigs, which have a deserved place in the all-time literary pantheon. No, even essays on the price of cigarettes and his vile Edwardian prep school make riveting reading. Obviously some of his writing shows its age – his attempts at pre-Chomskyan linguistics are downright embarrassing to modern eyes – but much of it feels astonishingly contemporary.

 Part of this is down to his spare and elegant writing style, which hasn’t dated at all. Then there’s his radical/liberal outlook, which meant he avoided the pitfalls of chauvinism. (I grant you there’s the odd whiff of anti-Semitism, but I’ll see your Orwell and raise you a Virginia Woolf!) Most of all, for me, he’s relevant because he’s engaged by stuff that matters; the state of hospitals; the need for everyone to access literature; an equitable education system…..hmm. Some things don’t ever change, do they?

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How cold is my valley?

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