Greenwash, Fiji style

January 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm 1 comment

Regular readers know that I spent 3 years doing voluntary work in Fiji in the 80s (and yes, it was fab). I don’t have the time to keep in touch with events there as much as I’d like, and tellingly all the local friends I’m in touch with now live in Australia.

 However, a little Fiji-related item caught my eye recently. Fiji Water is a US-owned company (wouldn’t you know it) which exports – um – water around the world. One hardly needs to be a hardline eco-warrior to see that this isn’t the most sustainable way of having a drink of water, so in 2007 the company launched an initiative claiming that they’d made their product ‘carbon neutral’.

Jaded cynics like me are sceptical of such greenwash, and turns out I’m not alone. A Californian woman has taken out a lawsuit claiming that their claims are pretty much rubbish – basically all you have to do is buy a few ‘offset credits’ for carbon reductions which may take place in the future. Yeah, you spotted the flaw; tiny little bottles of water filled in Fiji, shipped (or God knows even flown) round the world, sold for two quid apiece in Selfridges, and not a thing given back to our struggling ecosystem!

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  • 1. Robert Travis  |  January 23, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    The carbon credit issue…….who knows it all seems like fuzzy math BUT I do find all the comments about the distance a little one sided. Mother Jones started it and now everyone seems to pile on but I looked up the shipping distances for some other water brands popular in the US and Fiji Water is far from the only. Evian is farther from California than Fiji Water as are numerous otjrr imported brands. Why does every other offender seem to get a pass and why is Fiji Water now everyones whipping boy. I would prefer to see everyone called out ss opposed to singling one company out. Do the others have better lobbying or do they have friends in the environmental community that keep them from being rightfully accused of the same infractions. Antipodes,Pellagrino …the list is long so in all fairness Fiji Water is far from the only water company thst ships long distances, lets see some light shed on all of them I am tiring of Fiji Water haters that turn a blind eye to the rest of the offenders.


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