Ed the Red?

September 26, 2010 at 10:58 am Leave a comment

A few months ago I examined the upside and downside of Cleggmania on these pages. It got quite a response, so now that Labour have finally decided which Miliband they want, let’s have a look at Red Ed from the Green perspective.

 Upside: He seems to get the importance of climate change.

Downside: He was Sec of State for climate change while Labour carried on with their anti-environment policies; they even approved the Heathrow expansion on his watch!

Upside: He’s the son of a Marxist.

Downside: He’s the son of a Marxist but he sat happily in the cabinet while the PFI monster ate big chunks of the public sector.

Upside: He’s clever and probably an ok bloke.

Downside: No sign of any Hinterland. None at all.

Upside: He’s not Blair or Brown.

Downside: He’s not Bevan or Attlee either.

Upside: He shows some signs of being capable of independent thought.

Downside: As with Cameron and Clegg, he’s never had a proper job. (What is it with these people? Will we never again have a PM who’s actually been part of the workforce?)

Upside: He didn’t go to public school.

Downside: He looks, speaks and behaves exactly as if he had been to public school.

Upside: He claims to have opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Downside: He kept bloody quiet about it until it suited his leadership campaign, didn’t he?


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