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In the Land of Michelangelo…..and Berlusconi

Back from another fantastic holiday in Italy, and a long enforced break from blogging. This is not a travelogue so I’ll confine myself to 3 green-tinged observations:

  • The train from Geneva to Milan, a new route to me, goes around Lake Geneva for long stretches. And I do mean along the lake shore – look out the window and the nearest living things are herons and egrets. Mmm, nice.
  • A less welcome discovery was that one of the Twighlight movies was filmed in Montepulciano, one of my favourite places in the world. Had I been a teenage girl I would probably have known this already, but I’m not so I didn’t. The Montepulciano shops are all full of tacky memorabilia featuring Bella and Edward, forcing me to adopt the teenage vernacular: “Eeuw, GROSS!”
  • I remembered that, depressingly, in Italian service stations (no-one’s favourite part of any country) they literally force you to exit through the shop! Pop in to the loo by all means, but to get out again you have to wind through aisles selling overpriced tat. Strangely enough none of us was tempted to buy anything. I wonder if Berlusconi’s influence may be stretching a little too far?

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This blog started during the months before the 2010 General Election, in which I was the Green candidate for Calder Valley. It's morphed into an account of green activism...and other meanderings.