Back to the Hinterland (Yipee!)

May 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

My post-election cultural week

I have a huge backlog of fun stuff, and it’s been very nice to re-engage! My choice of reading was dictated by what Halifax WHSmith had in, but I lucked out with The Post-Birthday World by Lionel ‘Kevin’ Shriver. I’ve got 50 pages left to read (it’s a big book, so I’ve done ok) and I’ve been engrossed almost depite myself. There are some serious clunks and what seem to be actual mistakes – what was the editor doing? – but the story, and her  self-revelatory style, are enough to keep me in there. Can’t wait to discuss it with other people!

 My first movie for aeons was State of Play, for which I had to overcome my twin dislike of messrs Affleck and Crowe. I’m coming round to a realisation that Ben Affleck may not be a total wally, and he’s really quite good in the David Morrissey part. In fact I was pleasantly surprised by the whole film – I liked the BBC original but with reservations. The film may actually be, well, better. I still don’t care for Russell Crowe though.

 I put my mp3 player on random setting, to help me to re-engage with my music. Here’s the honest truth – the second track it chose (out of approx 6,000 on the mipod) was Eton Rifles by The Jam. The Jam haven’t aged well, to my ears, so it was ages since I’d heard that particular piece of 80s class rage. By God, it’s taken on new significance a week after we acquired an old Etonian PM! It makes a fine companion piece to that scary version of Common People that’s doing the rounds.

Standing between us and the excesses of the Bullingdon boys is…Nick Clegg. Oh deary me.


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