Since when is a market a sentient being?

May 10, 2010 at 11:43 am Leave a comment

All eyes are on the post-election negotiations between the Tories and Lib Dems, with the not-quite-vanquished Labour party lurking in the wings. Like most sensible folk, I’m fervently hoping that the boy Nick holds out for PR and less decimation of our public services.

 Apparently it’s terribly urgent, because the markets don’t like uncertainty.

Whenever I hear a transitive verb being attached to the word ‘market’ (“If the markets smell instability”) I want to slap the author round the ears with a copy of Das Kapital. Some sheep-like journos have bought the line that markets can think and act independently. I don’t claim huge expertise in this area, but these ‘markets’ seem to be a few traders and investors, and it’s they who actually cause these mysterious markety convulsions. Our future well-being is at the mercy of a few international capitalists who decide the movements of huge sums on the basis of how they feel that day!

 Don’t get me wrong – I understand that these market jitters matter in the real world. But they only matter because we all share this construct that money is a commodity instead of a convenient(ish) means of exchange. If the construct is threatened then the whole ridiculous house of cards could collapse, taking our welfare state (but not the bankers’ bonuses) with it!

 My question is this: who created a system where all our future depends on the whims of hedge fund millionaires? It sure as Hell wasn’t me, and it sure as Hell isn’t democratic! I can’t bear the thought that Clegg could sell us all out, including his own party, to maintain this shared illusion. Don’t do it Nick – Just Say No.


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