Trial by TV

April 30, 2010 at 4:57 pm Leave a comment

Sheesh! The third ‘Prime Ministerial’ debate made it clear that the ‘choice’ as served up by the mainstream media is between three centre-right parties. Watching them vie with each other about who had the ‘toughest’ agenda made me feel slightly sick. Who was there to stand up for human rights, compassion and common bloody decency? And where are those subjects in today’s frantic coverage? I couldn’t care less who ‘won’ – not the environment, not the poorest and not the neediest, that’s for sure!

We have a centuries-old tradition of welcoming people from other countries and cultures. When did that get banjaxed? I don’t know, but last night those three blokes in suits fell over each other to assure us that they wanted to stop the nasty foreign folk coming over here and taking all our jobs. There was no mention of the inconvenient stats showing that your average migrant is a well-educated asset to our workforce. And even if they weren’t, what happened to the politics of caring for other people?

The other disturbing topic, which has so far excited no après-match comment at all, is the apparent end of unemployment benefit as we know it. Yes folks, Gordon said “no more life on the dole” and the other two then both tried to position themselves to the right of that very rightwing position! Before you descend with your abusive rebuttals, he did mean an end to people spending their whole lives on benefits. Undesirable though a lifetime without work is, nobody mentioned the likely upshot. So let me be the first – how long before the first Death of someone because they couldn’t get the dole? Or the death of their children?

I have three things to say to the three white men: no, no and NO.


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