Do they have numeracy hour at Eton?

April 19, 2010 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

David Cameron got a first in Economics from whichever Oxbridge college his Eton housemaster found him a place at. Yet several times in the last few months I’ve joined others in pointing out – well, a lack of basic arithmetic and statistical skills at Tory high command.

There was the misplaced decimal point (‘Lies, Damn Lies …and Tories’ 19 Feb) then the misunderstanding, deliberate or otherwise, of the marriage stats (‘Give me your answer. Do!’ 11 April). Then at the famous debate last Thursday, call-me-Dave claimed that the UK has worse cancer outcomes than Bulgaria. This was a gross oversimplification of a complex issue and frankly should never be reduced to a soundbite. In any case, more recent DoH figures say that premature deaths from cancer are way lower here than in Bulgaria. No in-depth analysis needed for the next one though – Cameron quoted a man who (a) was forty and (b) had served in the Navy for 30 years! So….a Cabin Boy?

 Anyone can make a slip of the tongue under pressure, but there’s a bit of a pattern emerging. These overeducated posh boys seem a little short of common sense. They should be made to run an NHS clinic, complete with waiting lists, for five years…though on second thoughts that is so NOT what the beleaguered NHS needs!

 Still on the common sense theme, they did it again with Keane. For anyone who doesn’t know, call-me-Dave trotted into the manifesto launch, wearing his best ‘man of the people’ aura, to the strains of Everybody’s Changing by Sussex boys Keane. There are worse songs (sorry, but I do quite like Keane) but Dave’s handlers hadn’t checked with the band. And the band are well pissed off – “Am horrified/we were not asked/I will not vote for them” tweeted songwriter Richard Hughes. One’s first reaction is “Ha”, closely followed by “How dumb d’you have to be? Surely any fool would check such an elementary thing?”

 Thank the sweet Lord – it seems they will NOT be our next government!


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