Three men in suits (and why our democracy deserves better)

April 18, 2010 at 12:28 am Leave a comment

Been out on the stump today and more than half of my canvasees mentioned Thursday’s debate and the stellar performance of Nick Clegg.


 Downside first – because I was out trying to save the NHS when it was going on, I watched it after all the hype. And, truth to tell, I kept thinking “When is Clegg going to start being brilliant?” I saw three white boys in suits arguing over a few inches of the centre-right spectrum. NHS? Oh yes, they talked about it – how they talked – but without mentioning the fact that it’s being privatised before our eyes!

 And then the huge poll boost for the Lib Dems just because their boy’s hair stayed in place under pressure! Imagine, if you will, the dazzling, articulate (and female) Caroline Lucas at one of those podiums….imagine someone talking about an approach which didn’t centre on tough immigration targets and savage cuts. Imagine someone who wanted to renationalise the railways and utilities, and create proper jobs….ah, just imagine.

 There’s an upside though. For one thing, it shows even the most retrograde parts of the media that (shock!) there might be life outside the boring 2-party paradigm. (I’m gonna keep saying it – most of the industrialised world finds room for more than two parties) Also, from a realpolitik standpoint, if the Lib Dems do well at the election they’ll get us PR and serious Green representation within a few years. And that, dear readers, is something worth waiting for!


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Nye Bevan’s Body Posthumous Green Award

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