Nye Bevan’s Body

April 16, 2010 at 9:15 pm Leave a comment

The last 24 hours has been all about the NHS. As regular readers of this blog know, I am a Speech and Language Therapist by profession, which means that I’ve spent most of my working life in the NHS. I am also a longtime defender of said NHS, despite its faults. I worry about how much there is left to defend, though…

 Last night there was a candidates’ debate, organised by the BMA, at our local hospital in Halifax. I already knew I was excluded from the platform (again) so I turned up with a colleague to hand out home-brewed leaflets. It did come as a shock, though, to find that I wasn’t even allowed into the audience for this one! Apparently there are BMA ‘rules’…

 Today I was out in the Todmorden sun, so I gave out some of the NHS flyers outside the big new PFI Health Centre. No sooner could you say “corporate profits” than a chap in a suit told me to remove myself because it was “private property”. I did as I was ordered, but I wondered when a local health centre became private property? The answer is… when New Labour took the bribes of big business in return for seats in their well-appointed boardrooms! From PFI to Foundation Hospitals to ISTCs, the last few years has seen a scandalous and underhand scramble to sell off whatever bits of health care were deemed profitable, while the NHS is left with all the difficult and unglamorous illnesses….

 As previously noted, our ‘main parties’ (who were squabbling on telly while I was outside the hospital) are all keeping schtum about this aspect of health policy. Could this possibly be because they all know they’re vulnerable on the issue? Imagine if Caroline Lucas had been allowed to take part in the TV debate – I think viewers might have learned a bit more about it. Don’t you? Let’s spare a thought for Nye Bevan (see Posthumous Green Award, Jan 17) who has presumably become centrifugal in his grave….


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