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April 11, 2010 at 10:06 pm Leave a comment

As the days go by, the Tories look more and more like their old unreconstituted selves. Scratch a Cameron and you find the Thatcher underneath. They’ve been blathering on about giving tax breaks to married couples, and now they’ve finally fleshed out the details. There are two main problems with this proposal:

  1. They’ve misunderstood the statistics! They say ‘the figures show’ that married couples are more likely to stay together, but the evidence doesn’t show that marriage is the cause of couples staying together. To prove that you’d need to show that lots of couples, identical in every way, remain together if married, and split up if cohabiting. And the evidence as it stands simply doesn’t show that.
  2. It’s a nasty little way of reinforcing the narrow Tory view of how society ‘should’ be. As the Lib Dems have pointed out, it penalises any poor person who is widowed or abandoned by her/his spouse. And though Cameron appears less Pooterish, there’s something reminiscent of John Major in this harking back to a golden age when everyone knew their place. Remember Major’s “old maids cycling to church”? Some of us prefer to live in an age when there’s no such thing as an “old maid”!

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