Another Parable of the Talents

March 19, 2010 at 1:47 pm Leave a comment

Another chap in a suit, with an accent suggesting that he may not have qualified for free school meals, is on the TV telling me again, very patiently, that you have to pay bonuses to bankers in order to keep ‘good people’. At least he didn’t use the T-word – maybe they’ve twigged how incredibly offensive that word is to us plebs. (See ‘Parable of the Talents’)

Whenever anyone in my family is short of cash, we’ve taken to saying “Shame you’re not talented!” Because apparently if you’re talented you can command a £1m bonus even if your bank has needed financial rescue by less talented taxpayers (ie you and me).

Remarkably, all these talented folk tend to be white and male – funny how so much ‘talent’ is concentrated in that one section of society, isn’t it? Wonder why so few females and ethnic minorities are ‘talented’? But what would a mere state-educated female know of such things?


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