The Pig in the Python (1)

March 17, 2010 at 3:26 pm Leave a comment

This splendidly carnivorous image represents the demographic timebomb. The Baby Boom generation are now starting to enter old age and therefore to put pressure on our imperfect care services. I have a personal interest in this – born in 1960, I’m technically a Baby Boomer (though of course have always felt myself to be much, much younger.) So what to do about care of the elderly? Here are the Green Party proposals, slightly condensed for the blogosphere:

1. A £170 a week  state pension, non-means-tested. Increased automatically in line with increases in either (a) the price of basic goods and services, or (b) average earnings, whichever is greater.

 2. Those requiring care would be entitled to have this in their own home. As this would not be means-tested, pensioners would not be forced to sell their homes.

3. No change to the current retirement age.

  4. We’d introduce publicly administered pension schemes which would enable people voluntarily to provide for their retirement without recourse to the current private pension providers.

 5. A public annuity scheme would be set up to offer a secure alternative to the privately run ones. Income received from annuities, whether public or private, would no longer be taxed on receipt.
6. Where companies run an occupational pension scheme, the scheme must only be run for the benefit of workers, former workers and pensioners.
Oh yes.

I shall return at a later date to look at what the others are proposing – thought I’d start with the good stuff. Costing? Wait for our economic policy launch, you impatient people!


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