Nice work if you can get it

March 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

I’m so busy it’s hard to find the blog time. Still, I’ve waded into the row over the Crimsworth wind turbine, which has been galvanising the local media. Calderdale Greens are a fair-minded inclusive bunch, and we decided we needed to see the site for ourselves. Eddy and I went up there and did a little comedy routine finding the farm and then the site, which was not entirely free of mud. (My photo of it is mysteriously a video, defying attempts to post it here!) We gazed at the very lovely Pennine view and decided that, though the ‘anti’ brigade do have a case, a working turbine has a place in a working farm valley. So there you go – the Green seal of approval!

Next up was a sponsored walk in memory of Liam and Sam Jones, two Mytholmroyd brothers who died from drug-related problems. I was glad to take part in a well-attended and well-organised event, and talking to people who knew Sam and Liam I got a strong sense of how special they were, and how much they were missed. I can’t say enough in praise of their family and the local drug awareness groups who are determined that something good should come out of the tragedy, giving practical help to others who might develop similar addictions.

My third event of the week (not counting the non-event of the NUT debate) was a visit to Brighouse High 6th Form to be grilled by the students. This is just the kind of thing I love, and it was cheering to be asked such searching questions by the post-Thatcher generation. We even continued in the canteen afterwards, making me think how you’d never get that level of intensity with grown-ups. Shame, ‘cos I bet more of them would vote Green if you did!


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