Cap and Trade

January 3, 2010 at 6:28 pm Leave a comment

Readers of my blog will probably know that this catchy title refers to the vast carbon market being touted as a solution to this pesky climate change business. ‘Business’ being the key word – it entails those naughty polluters either paying to pollute above the agreed threshold, or being paid to stay below it. The careful reader will have spotted that this means that – yes – Shell and co can actually make money out of their delightful practices!

For me, Cap ‘n’ Trade evokes thoughts of the late, great Douglas Adams and his work. The ‘useless third’ of the population of Golgafrincham, finding itself marooned on a new planet, decides that the top priority is not food or shelter, but money. Lacking the paper stuff, they decide to make a currency out of leaves, but somehow inflation becomes a bit of a problem….see The Restaurant at the End of the Universe to find out how it all ends. Like so many of Douglas Adams’ satires, it’s become more true, more bloody prescient, with every passing year. Ecosystem faced with catastrophe? No problem – what we need is a market!


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