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Quote of the week

 “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable”

George Orwell  (see below)


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When Tony met the Tribunal

Not strictly a tribunal, but no doubt what this week’s main event has been. I didn’t have high expectations of the Chilcot inquiry, so I’m pleasantly surprised to have found it interesting! I wasn’t working on Friday, so I spent much of the day watching the oh-so-polite proceedings. In some ways Blair got an easy ride – they asked searching questions but let him wriggle out of answering them – but it nevertheless shed great light on his own powers of self-delusion.

I actually voted for this guy in 1997 (there was no Green candidate) so I feel a degree of personal responsibility for the horrors he helped to unleash. I’m not a great one for yah-boo politics, so I don’t join in when people heap personal abuse on him. That said, my incandescent rage at the whole Iraq venture has not abated and probably never will. I do hope we get asked about it……

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Let Battle Commence

Only two days until the debate organised by Churches Together in Lightcliffe. I’m hoping that this will be the start of a whole series of debates between now and the election. So far the chief difficulty has been persuading the Labour candidate that this is a valuable part of the democratic process, but maybe when she’s face to face with us she’ll be more amenable.

In the meantime, the campaign team (as we optimistically style ourselves) spent a couple of hours on Friday discussing what questions might come up. Torture in Doncaster, torture in Iraq, bribing the Taliban, the growing equality gap….what a wonderful world.

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My Cultural Week

Watching Andy Murray struggle valiantly against the Federer machine. Ah well. Maybe next time.

 Listening to Checkmate Savage by The Phantom Band. My friend Mark, a genuine muso, put me onto this hidden treasure a few months ago. Might appeal to fans of The Flaming Lips….

 Reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I’m a big admirer of the Road man, not just because of the help he’s given to the green movement. The spoof of his style in the recent Private Eye was, for once, ridiculously off the mark.

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Posthumous Green Award

At last – an award for a woman! Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, which is credited with kick-starting early environmental awareness when it was published in 1962. Future nominations, of either sex, are welcome.

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Stat of the week

Number of documented civilian deaths (from violence) in Iraq since March 2003:  95,158 – 103,819


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Vote Cruelty Free

I’ve signed up to this excellent campaign (see link on the right).

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