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Minimum Wage

Finding myself in Birmingham, I trotted along to meet a few of the local Green activists. They face a very different set of challenges – ten parliamentary constituencies to cover, which makes the Calder Valley seem like a bucolic backwater.  The Green Brummies are starting a city-wide minimum wage campaign – A Living Wage for Birmingham and working on their election strategies, just like us. We need more campaigns like this to remind (or inform) people that the Greens are NOT a single-issue party!

Feminism – the struggle continues

I saw Mrs Warren’s Profession last week. I did know that Bernard Shaw was a genuine feminist but it’s good to be reminded of this. Mrs Warren mounts a defence of prostitution (more than a century ago – truly he was ahead of his time!) on the grounds that it was one of the few – um – lucrative careers open to women. Just to be clear, neither Shaw nor the Greens are pro-prostitution as such – we just think it’s hypocritical to penalise women for choices made out of economic necessity. The health and safety of sex workers should be the most important consideration, and the current mishmash of semi-criminalisation does the opposite by pushing the trade onto the streets. A modern and very bleak take on the subject, entirely free of drawing rooms and bustles, can be found in Lukas Moodysson’s film Lilya4Ever.

There’s so much to like and admire about GBS, but I do wish he’d been a better dramatist. Not even the ageless and shimmering Felicity Kendal, ably supported by Lucy Briggs-Owen, can disguise the creaky characters and plot. But never mind eh? I’m certain that Shaw would be a Green, if he were around today.

My cultural week

Reading One Step Behind by Henning Mankell. Drat those pesky Swedes – they not only have better insulation than us, they even have better fictional serial killers!

Listening to Embryonic by The Flaming Lips. Weird? Yup.

This week’s quote:

“We want our atmosphere back. How you do that, developed countries, is your problem”

Anjelica Navarro, Bolivian Ambassador to the IFCC

This week’s statistic:

In the Alps, glaciers have shrunk to a third of their 1850 extent.

Source: World Global Monitoring Service, Fluctuations of Glaciers


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